Filling the Gap

Filling the Gap Community Café

Filling%20the%20Gap[1]It matters to us that there are very few healthy lunchtime options locally and even fewer child-friendly spaces where noise and a bit of mess won’t get you frowned at. Filling the Gap offers wholesome food in relaxed surroundings!

Healthy food can sometimes cost twice as much and alienates many of us who have families to feed on a budget. So we decided it was time for a change. We always aim to keep to our pledge by serving affordable (and tasty) food.

Everyone hates waste, right? Overflowing, smelly bins and filling up landfill, just because the food wasn’t sold within the short window that retail outlets allow. Filling the Gap plans to tackle this big issue in our own small, but wonderful corner of Tottenham. Our community cafe will be spinning straw into gold by turning some of the perfectly edible surplus food into delicious, nutritious food,

Fareshare ( will be supplying us with lots of lovely food that has been rejected by supermarkets. Additionally we promise to source all our other food items as locally as we possibly can because our carbon footprint, seasonal eating and supporting local growers matters to us. In fact, if you have any connections or recommendations who would like to showcase their produce, we’d love to know.

Our café has developed organically, drawing on our experiences as parents, professionals and Haringey residents. Filling the Gap shows that you can make things happen for the better in your local community.

Take a look at the Filling the Gap website by clicking here


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Bridge Renewal Trust. Registered Charity No: 1131941. Laurels Healthy Living Centre, Rooms 15-18, 256 St Ann's Road, South Tottenham, N15 5AZ